Website Logos - Keys RiggingLevel 1 Inspection: Includes a full visual inspection of the accessible rigging-top to bottom. There is also a visual inspection of the mast base and chainplates, light fixtures and other mounted fixtures. Running rigging is assessed. The end of the inspection includes a verbal summary of any problems or potential problems sighted, and as quickly as possible, a written estimate to fix the issues or requested upgrades. $12 per ft. (*Systems are not disassembled during inspection.)
The estimates /invoices are written in way to satisfy general insurance requirements for reports. 

Level 2 Inspection: Includes top to bottom visual inspection of the entire rigging system. Level 3 also includes a full written report of the findings, as well as the exact length and size of the wires, terminal types and pin sizes. The information in this report would be thorough enough to perform a complete standing rerig. $20 per ft.

Level 3 Inspection: Includes the de-masting and decommissioning/ disassembly of the rigging components. Inspection using magnification, and cataloging of rigging components. Occasionally the U.S.C.G. requires this level of inspection of inspected vessels.  Hourly labor rate + machinery cost. (i.e. crane, fork truck, etc.)

*Travel fees will apply beyond the Marathon area.

*Visual inspections are made using nondestructive methods only unless otherwise arranged.