Website Logos - Keys RiggingAt Keys Rigging we pride ourselves on our splicing. We work with the latest materials and time proven techniques to provide solutions up to the demands that we put on our rigging going to sea.

• Three strand
• Brummel splicing
• Double braid eye splice
• High modulus eye splice
• Sta-Set X (linear core splice)
• Continual loop furling lines
• Single braid locked brummel
• Loops
• Dyneema soft shackles
• Dyneema Dux pre-tensioned eye splices
• Anchor rode to chain splices for windlasses
• Line diameter increase splice (add core to fatten line for clutches)
• Sewn on covers for uncovered high tech lines

• Dinghy lift bridles
• Anchor bridles
• Anchor snubbers
• Tow lines up to 40’ tenders

• Custom spreader boots
• Custom mast boot covers
• Downwind pole covers
• Custom leather covers for blocks, etc.

If you can think of it, we can tie it down or cover it. We provide solutions.